Monday, November 5, 2012

Death, Death, and the Walking Dead


Two main characters bit it and the world will never be the same again for the survivors.  I'm sort of torn here because on the one hand it was certainly good TV.  On the other, though, I'm aware that both characters that died were "problem" characters.  Both T Dog and Lori had legions of detractors.  T Dog's character was thumped on for blatant stereotyping and for having maybe a line an episode.  Lori was detracted for being written as a chaos bitch by the writers.  The writers could never get a hold of her character and so she was all over the place which made the audience just a little bit more than annoyed.  The point being, did the writers dump these two not so much for the drama but because they were tired of dealing with fanboys?

We may never know and in the end it really doesn't matter.  What we have here in the end is just some darn good TV.  Bleak yes.  Blackly bleak.  Bleak as dead vulture's beak.  You get the idea, but still it compels viewing.

It starts out on a rare good day for our survivors, but we know that can't last.  Soon they are over run by the dead.  It becomes obvious that it is not an accident.   Our crew is split off into groups and must fend for themselves.  It really is a bad time for Lori  to have baby, but really was there ever going to be a good time?

By the end you bought it all hook, line, and C section.  If you weren't choking back tears at the end I can't see how.  The question is now what next?   How can you top a frontier C section and Ol' Yellar moment? 

I can't see how, but I'll watch.

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  1. Thanks for the update via review. I don't seem to find time to actually watch the show...