Thursday, November 15, 2012


Vamps is a surprisingly funny up beat movie about urban vampire girl friends making it through the night without taking a bite of a human.  The girls in question are Goody who's been around a couple centuries and Stacy who's new to the whole fang scene.  So as not to intimidate her Goody pretends to be young as well and often has to cover for her knowledge of old New York by saying she had watched it on the History Channel.  That's a pretty lame excuse unless the subject is Hitler or UFOs anymore but Stacy buys it and they have a pretty good time bar hopping and going to blood AA meetings.  Of course, things are never so simple and soon love enters their lives again.  Can Stacy make a relationship with a Van Helsing?  Can Goody comes to terms with a man she loved decades ago?  Can both survive jury duty and Homeland Security? 

I loved the film it was fast pace and fun.  All the actors did wonders.  I loved Malcolm McDowell as Vlad Tepish aka Dracula.  He's mellowed over the centuries and is now more interested in his knitting.  Sigourney Weaver was also fun as the happily predator "parent" of our two fang gals.  Definitely worth watching and it's nice to have a feel good vampire film.

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