Sunday, November 28, 2010

Triassic Attack

Oh Syfy here we are again.  Another Saturday night and another huge honking stinker of a film.  This one has a slightly more likeable cast than usual but the pain remains.  So for the record.  Jerk of a guy has the nerve to offer a lot of people money for their land.  People take the money then say, "Hey you are making money off of this, so we want more."

This personally annoys me.  If someone wants to pay you for something like land you can bet they think they can make a profit from it.  So if you take the money then sorry.  It was your deal.  Anyway, there's also cultural cocerns from local native american group led by trinket store owner and shouty uncle.  Shouty Uncle wants JUSTICE.  Local cop wants everyone to shut up, and for his daughter to be chaste till she is ohhh around 32.  

Local cop is frustrated.

Local cop's wife is a hot bone digger who is now dating the geek who has bought up all the land.  She is more permissive with daughter and no doubt this will lead to trouble later.  Daughter is trying to date a college boy, and wants to sneak out to the lake.  So, with all plot points set on stun, now it's shouty uncle in the museum doing a tribal hokey pokey.  He gets a hoodoo stiffee and causes all the dinosaur bones to get up and shake it all about.  The rest of the film is folks running from dinosaurs bones, running to each other, and coming up with a suitably lame way to off a skeleton.

By the number plotting plodding along.  Folks going, "It's all right shouty uncle you've killed a whole bunch of people but your heart was in the right place."  Yeah, this is Syfy on a saturday night.  Oh and bad special effects?  Good gravy.  There are several shots where the computer animated bones are transparent, there are other shots that don't match because when the bones appear the entire scene gets murky.  Just ugly ugly ugly.


  1. Sad sad sad and so funny to read about!

  2. some trips are better described than taken