Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Steps

Dear Hollywood,

I am to understand you want to make a live action version of "Akira." Normally, I would endorse such a ballsy move, but after reading about the on again off again preproduction it is obvious you don't know a thing and are flailling like a fat man going after the last donut. Look, these things happen. You aren't conversant or comfortable with the culture of anime but you want to hop on cause there's obviously a market there. The solution is simple, don't try climbing K2 on your first day. There are other properties which are far more Hollywood friendly than "Akira."

For example, there's the "Bubblegum Crisis." Now yes the title is a bit meaningless but once you get past that it is pure blockbuster material. Check out the movie math: 4 sexy ladies plus Iron Man style armor plus fighting terminators and plus rock and roll should mean everyone is happy.
Granted there will have to be updates but the whole thing is actually fairly friendly to revision. For example, while set in Neo Tokyo it doesn't really have to be there. Any big urban dystopia of the future would do just as well. It could be Neo LA for all intents and purposes. Updating the music could allow all sorts of musical talent to get involved. You could get a lot of cross over appeal fairly easily.

Another plus is that it shouldn't be hard to find four good actresses that want to be kick ass action heroes. The special effects will cost a chunk of change but after Iron Man we aren't talking about breaking new ground.
Really a half way decent director and writer is all you need.

So Hollywood, think it over.

Now Hollywood below are some pictures of a cosplay version of a Priss' suit. Now if it can look that good in cosplay imagine how great you can make it!

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  1. Excellent advice. Loved the Bubblegum Crisis series!!