Monday, July 9, 2012

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice

Sooooo... eight years after the first corny killer kid movie we have this. I think they were just a leeetle over optimistic to label this the "final" sacrifice, but to their discredit they did their worst to make this the final Children of the Corn movie. If the first film was tepid then this is just a hot mess.

People finally notice that there are a lot of dead adults in Gatlin. So there is a news van and a couple of reporters, and some cops. Oh then there is our hero who is a disreputable journalist with his willfull son in tow who decide to stop in town and see if there is a story to be had in one of the largest mass murders in US history. Meanwhile, a local kid in the WORST cgi scene outside of "The Lawnmower Man," becomes possessed by bubbles and starts the cult over and kills people pointlessly. Will they recruit the journalist's son? Will the journalist live to fight the black bubbles of evil? Yeah, well... no one cared. I mean really no one cared.

Besides the bad plot, bad cgi, horrific acting, the thing the bugs me most is how they treat the mass murder. Granted the film has a dollar forty budget but we are talking about a bunch of kids that murdered AN ENTIRE TOWN. That deserves the hysterical frothing of the mouth journalism of Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers." Here we get sort of a "meh." And that says everything about this film.

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