Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Ok, like why wasn't I given the memo that this was the Year Of Snow White? I mean it's crazy. There's "Once Upon A Time," "Grimm's Snow White," "Snow White and the Huntsman," and of course "Mirror Mirror." A truly staggering array of films and TV projects dedicated to one of literature's most boring characters. I mean, what was the one thing she was know for before all this? That she was a coma chick. The only interesting thing is all the side characters.

Which is why "Mirror Mirror" wisely centered at least on first on the evil queen. As narrated by Julia Roberts the Evil Queen is droll and sarcastic and she knows she's the most important person in the world. The only thorn in her side is the irritating to her foster daughter Snow White. Still, she keeps her spirits up by being needlessly mean to Snow White (which is like kicking a puppy) and punishing her subjects with taxes and more taxes.

Things change when a handsome prince in search of adventure happens by. He's waylaid by a band of dwarves on stilts but he still cuts a regal figure even if half dressed, maybe moreso for being half dressed. Well the Queen sets his sights on him, but he has his eyes only for Snow White. This is the straw that cracks the mirror and soon enough Snow White is running from the horrid beast in the woods and comes to find the dwarves on stilts who are good eggs even though they are thieves.

Here we have some scenes designed to make Snow White more interesting and less of a doormat. She's trained to fight and steal. She wins the hearts of the dwarves and has them now only stealing from the Queen and giving back to the people. The Queen meanwhile turns the Prince into a doormat with a love spell that gives him a literal case of puppy love.

This is a rather fun film, and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The Director, Tarsem Singh, has his usual way with incredible images (specially the Queen's mirror world) even though this is his most "normal" work. Some of the images remind me of Terry Gilliam's work special the scene with living chess pieces wearing model ships on their heads. Fully loaded model ships I might add. Julia Roberts is obviously having a ball with the roll. All in all, it was a fun viewing pleasure.

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  1. I know. Always gets me how particular themes pile up in Hollywood, all spilling out at the same time.