Sunday, October 7, 2012

Atomic Brain Invasion

One reason I snark on SyFy's films (other than it's fun to do so) is that they are lazy.  Their basic thought is that geeky fans enjoy bad films.  We will make bad films.  Then we'll say we are referencing older bad films so we aren't really making bad films but we are rather being ironic.  There is nothing wrong with satire or parody but you have to work a little harder than that boys.  When Duchamp hung a urinal on the wall at an art show it was funny and thought provoking ONCE.  After that you got to roll up your sleeves and work at it.

Atomic Brain Invasion understands this and really gives us a lot for a buck ninety budget.   The actors are game and obviously enjoying themselves.  The special effects are cheesy but not bad, stinking smelly like nana's corn on her right foot which has turned slightly yellow bad.  The writing and story are fast pace and funny and while the situations are silly (the military pretending that their suburban nuclear test site is testing bicycles for example) they don't come across as stupid.  Most importantly, this never comes off as mean spirited.  It's a fun romp and with Elvis.

The plot is that a very dumb species of aliens have been hired by another species to give us trouble.  These creatures infect human who then rip their faces off leaving a spinal column, brains and googly eyes.  It's like they are being attacked by slimey Beaker Muppets.   Our heroes are "students" who are clearly in their thirties who consist of a fast talking, take control girl; the nerdy guy, and the mean, but secretly soft orgami obsessed bully.  Add the military, a UFO watching Irishman, and of course ELVIS and you have lots of fun.

This is definitely something for fans of MST3K.

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