Monday, October 15, 2012

The Code of the Walking Dead

The third season shows  that there is one rule that animates the living and the dead and that rule is keep moving.  It's been a long winter for Rick and the gang and the zombies have only grown in the size of their massive herds.  Herds?  Mobs?  What do you call a bunch a zombies?

Probably don't call them anything cause you are too busy running.  With so many zombies that's the only choice the gang has or get mobbed.  So the winters been hard, it's obvious that food and ammo are issues.  Lori is near ready to pop out a baby and Rick looks just a little mad around trhe edges.  Only Daryl seems still  to have his edge.  Maybe it's a diet of fresh owl meat.

Luckily, the gang finally finds the prison  that was a very important in the graphic novels that the Walking Dead was based on.  Immediately the gang can see the advantages of lots of thick wallls in a zombieverse.  Of course, to claim it you have to take care of all the walking dead prisoners and guards.  The guards were sort of funny to deal with because they were in riot gear.  That made them rather bullet proof which was bad, but the face masks kept the biting to a minimum which is the funny part. 

Overall, this was a great episode.  The team finally had a plan and acted like they have had some practice now in walking dead killing.  Little Carl might someday make me forgive his role in season 2 if he keeps up this way.  Also Lori was less annoying, yet still annoying.  Let's hope that level keeps dropping.   Tne new characters are adding some new blood and excitement.  The violence was very satisfactory.  Let's hope we are past the days of random walking, pointless bitchery, and forever rescuing Carl.

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  1. It was a pretty good episode. I don't know what trip Lori was on with her reaction to Rick's confession of killing his 'friend' after she essentially handed him the knife... Still hoping her annoyance level drops to zero with the 'birth' of the baby. Be excited to see where the unaffected group within the prison takes us, and also how Rick's method of 'cutting the disease off at the knee' works out...