Friday, October 5, 2012

Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Top 20 #18: Cow and Chicken

Just a note to my dear readers.  This list isn't meant as a straight up top twenty with #1 being the best.  How can anyone determine the best cartoon.  This is more of a quick guided tour, and next on our list is that anarchistic suburban barnyard hoot and moo the Cartoon Network called "Cow and Chicken."

In 1995 momma had a chicken and momma had a cow.  Dad was proud he didn't care how, and that was how one of the stranger families in animation was born.  It was clearly made to be in the same vein as "Ren and Stimpy" though not as extreme.  It was gross and ugly and certainly funny.  The difference between the two is all in the relationship.  Ren is clearly abusive of stimpy where Chicken and Cow have a more brother sister rivalry.  They might fight, but they'll also make up too much to the delight of their parents whom we only see from the knees down.

To keep the action going the Red Guy, a devil who is extremely aware he isn't wearing pants, comes in to stir up troubles.  Both a tempter and something of a boob, he generally is able to wrangle someone in the family into his schemes.  The sheer joy he takes in such minor mischiefs is extremely funny.

Cow and Chicken also had a short within it with I. M. Weasel doing one incredibly heroic thing after another much to the annoyance of his baboon assistant.

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  1. IM Weasel and IR Baboon---great fun. And Cow's sound effects were great too.