Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Batman Returns Part 2

Yep, they had to split it into two parts to get all the good dirt from the original graphic novel.  The back half has all the really juicy stuff so was worth the wait.  Now that the old Batman is back Gotham is going nuts.  The Joker decides to have one last gag (with poison gas of course, can't gag without it) and the cops are no longer giving the bat a wink and a nod.  Worse, a certain fellow in red and blue tights wants to have a little word with Batman on behalf of the president.  Let's just say Bruce Wayne's life has grown very busy.

A lot of folks have labeled Batman Returns as basically a fascist manifesto.  I think that's mostly a reaction to the author than what is actually shown.  What we are seeing is something that is more of a libertarian response.  It becomes sort of a comic book version of "Atlas Shrugs."  Batman is a producer of Justice and society impedes him so eventually he has to choose to "die" or live on his own terms. 

Animation was serviceable.  The voice work and acting were great but no standouts.  I think that the best thing to say is that it is a faithful translation of the graphic novel into film.  Oh and a spoiler alert:  ssa 'snamrepuS skcik namtaB.

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