Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Ghi and Their Conviction

The Ghi were nice enough as I remember them.  A charming race if rather asymmetrical.  The Ghi grew limbs rather haphazardly a rather odd mutation that was somehow tied in to the fact that they did not ever contract cancer.  Generally the first limb they grow in life becomes  their primary.  My host for example served me tea from a limb two thirds up on the first segment on his body.  He had  to twist a little because it was slight to his back but he had obviously long practice in the manuever.

As we sip the faux hemlock tea we discussed Ghi theology.  I found it fascinating.  To the Ghi the whole notion of God has worked into a rather simple premise.  The Ghi said no matter where you look for the divine in the universe you cannot objectively find it.  Scientifically then it can't be said to exist.  Yet to contemplate existence without a divinity was horrid to the Ghi miind.  The great science Priest Fra Du Ghi then came and wrote "The Great Premise."

It was this.  If God could not be found in any part of the universe, then he must transcend anything that is in the universe.  Since the universe is made of matter and energy God therefore cannot be either matter or energy.  Therefore, God is nothing.  God is the great zero.  This premise became the root of the greatest church of the Ghi, the Axis.

Later prophets of the Axis would allow that God could manifest in the universe but only imperfectly as no vacuum can be truly said to be a perfect vacuum.  Other Prophets also worked out the equations for a zero state heaven, and non dimensional sainthood. 

In the long run it really didn't change the Ghi much to think of God as nothing and to still worship that nothing.  They worked, they loved, they played, and would disgorge their children from their polyps as if nothing was different.  At least til Fi Fi Ghi came up with the plan for the final equation.  I do miss the Ghi. 

They made a very fine tea.

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  1. Keep going and going and going with this series!!! Energizer Lazarus Lupin the wolf in bunny clothing!