Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspector Spacetime

Righteo, here's the deal.  On the show "Community" there's a bloke named Abed who's sort of a meta-geek-meme-mass media-savant-Godnerd (add other words as you all wish).  Anyhoo, Abed was in mourning of the passing of his favorite show so they gave him a new favorite show to watch.  It was a British show and as it happens it had only six episodes which put Abed in a double funk.  To save him  they found the most long running series in British TV "Inspector Spacetime" and now Abed is quite happy.

Of course Inspector Spacetime is something of a loving tribute to Doctor Who and I found it amusing that the show within a show has jumped out and now has its own web episodes.  Watch and enjoy.

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