Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well it's the season ending episode of Futurama and I think they went out on a high note.  Like fat lady opera high note. Like Meatloaf after not eating for a week high note.  Yeah, I liked it.  It's a silly episode, but you know sometimes those are the most charming.  In this thrilling installment we get three different stories in three different formats.

The first story is done in the style of black and white animation of the thirties.  Everyone is is grooving back and forth and the thirties slang is thick and fast.  Here the crew is going to an asteroid made of diamondium and Fry hopes to pry enough to make a ring for Leela.  In the end though, he creates a new color no one has ever seen and we the audience just sees as another shade of grey.

In the second we are now in the world of 8 bit video game animation.  The Professor has used the diamodium to make a lens to see the origins of everything.  Everyone is impressed, though to the audience it is just a square pixel, but now th Professor is left in a world where all the questions have been answered.  What is he to do? 

In the final segment, aliens who communicate by dance see their precious diamondium asteroid destroy so decide to wage war on an anime earth.  Our now japanized Futurama crew must find a peaceful way to end the war involving the involved dance of peace ever danced.  Oh, the audience will not see it as it has not seen the source of everything or Fry's new color.  An interesting little paradox.

The episode was funny and spot on in lampooning its varying sources.  A great end for a frankly mediocre year.  Definitely leaves me wanting to see the next season.

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