Monday, September 19, 2011


A show like "Breaking Bad," must be hell to write for just because there is the pressure to top yourself. Last week Gus, the chicken man and kingpin of drugs, walked calmly (terminator style as Jesse said) into a sniper's fire. That's pretty bad ass, so how do you top that? Well how about taking out an entire vila of mexican gangsters with a bottle of tequila? If Gus gets any more bad ass he's going to end up telling the President of the United States to "Kneel before me," ala Zod in Superman II.

Meanwhile, Walter is falling apart. His son finds him a mess of wounds, alcohol and pain killers. Walter is barely conscious and doesn't even know he referred to his son as "Jesse." Next day, he shares with his son a sad memory about his own father that explains a lot of Walter's actions. One wonders if this is one of the quieter turning points of the series. It seems that Walt is coming back to idea that he's a father, can he life with that responsibility?

His wife Skyler, is finding out there's no easy way out. Last week she saved her ex boss, ex lover, and ex partner in crime from an IRS criminal investigation. Now though her attempt to finish things off go very badly. Just giving Ted the money, ala her lawyer and mythical dead aunt, didn't quite work. He bought a car instead. Her little trip to give a little pointed advice worked as well as you might think. So in frustration she lets the cat out of the bag that the money came from her. Now what do you think a scum like Ted is going to do with THAT information?

This show might have gotten something of an Emmy snub this year, but it is one of the best hours of drama ever and it's hard to believe this season is going to wrap up in a couple of more episodes. I know I'll be at the edge of my seat!

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