Saturday, September 24, 2011

Last Night On the Cartoon Network

Sort of a let down from the beginning of their action season of last week.  It was still fun.  The Brave and the Bold started off with one of my favorite minor DC characters, the Creeper.  He's close to being a Batman type but more bouncy and insane.  In the cartoon he comes off almost like "Freakazoid."  The story proper didn't thrill me.  I didn't want to see a Caveman Batman, or Centurion Batman.  I am plainly Batman Batman type of fellow.  I did enjoy Aquaman, I always do.  He takes such unbridled joy in life that it is very contagious.  His happiness over being able to fight Roman soldiers makes me think he had some bucket list somewhere where he actually wrote "Defeat Roman Soldiers," probably underlined.

Young Justice was better but still not as good as last week's episode.  This has a subplot of Martian Girl and Superboy's budding romance shoehorned into supervillain jail break plot.  For my money, you really shouldn't put any romance angle when doing a plot set in prison, but that's just me I suppose.  The good news is they didn't slim down Amanda Waller as they did in the comic books.  She's still a normal woman who can brow beat supervillains on her will alone.  The other nice bit was the interaction between a father and son supervillains. 

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