Thursday, September 22, 2011


Gunless is the type of western that appears mostly now on the Hallmark channel. This isn't a knock against either, it just is a best description. Gunless is a low budget, whimsical, light romance down up in spurs with horses. I found it to be charming.

The story begins with the Montana Kid blowing into town. It wasn't exactly a planned thing since he arrives with a noose around his neck and a bullets in his butt. He is not in a good mood. This lack of good mood gets worse as he tries to deal with the fact that he's both in Canada and in a back episode of "Northern Exposure." That is the town is full of eccentric types that take him in in stride where he is more used to fear and gun fire. There isn't even a revolver in town except for the kid's. Clearly he needs to learn to adjust and luckily there's a lovely young lady that helps tame (and wash) the savage barbarian from America.

All in all, it's a fun film. It doesn't have any large aspirations but that's not needed.  I know a lot of folks are burnt out on oaters and that's a shame.  They are the acme of American film and they deserve a revival. Definitely worth a watch.

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