Wednesday, February 22, 2012


No doubt you've seen Carnasaur if you are a horror fan.  You probably also blotted out the memory of it, or at least you probably should.  It was Roger Corman's stab at all that good Jurassic Park money.  No doubt a good and noble cause, but the script went completely off the trolly tracks and the film itself is dark, dank, and slow.

Basically a crazy doctor is working in a chicken farm.  Well, that's natural.  She loves dinosaurs.  I mean really, really loves them.   She hates people.  So naturally she plans to release a virus that will cause women to give birth to dinosaurs.  Already a little dino is out and growing fast.  People get eaten.  People walk around.  People get eaten.  People look concern.  And Corman gets a check. 

I can't even get up the energy to want to remake this sucker.  It's just bad in a bag.  Besides being boring it's just hard to watch.  Not for violence or anything like that but there is just a dour mood to the whole affair.  Weirdly it was the feeling I was getting in "Redneck Zombies" in its weirder sections.

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