Monday, February 20, 2012

Watery Tart Alert

Right, "Once Upon a Time."

Well things are heating up and the narrative is kicking into gear.  These are good things and the episode was pretty decent even if it centered on the character I currently hate the most.  No, not Regina the Evil Queen and Mayor.  No, not Rumpy, you have love Rumpy.  Nope I hate Prince Charming.  I hate him because he is in the real world completely callow and spineless.  He was doing that "I don't want to hurt anyone," jazz that cheating men do way to often.  Hey, if you are two time, someone WILL be hurt.  You will only look more like a jerk by keeping it going.

Now Snow White knows that they have to do the right thing, and be honest about it.  So she gives him just enough spine to break it off with his wife.  But he couldn't even do that right.  He was breaking off with that "oh it's not fair to you because I don't feel the same way now," jazz.  Does anyone ever buy that piece of crap?  Don't think so.  Wasn't like five minutes later that she gets the real story (With PICTURES!!  thanks Regina you completely evil b/witch)  So Snow White gets a slapping at school and the little town starts doing the ol' scarlet A routine.  I think they even added a B and C.  Don't know for sure.

Meanwhile, mystery guy is doing weird things with the magic book.  Did he make a copy?  Did he add new pages?  Anyway the book winds back up in our heroes hands.  Being a busy guy he also dates on Emma being weird and writerly with a hint of wit.  At least he finally gave her his name.  Still don't have a clue as to what his role is.

Weirdly enough Prince Charming's wife gets over things pretty quick and tells Regina she's off out of Storybrooke.  Bad move.  Later her car is found at the edge of town minus her.  Meanwhile Regina who has a key to every house in town steals the letter she wrote for Prince Charming and burns it.  OOOOoo you Regina!

Meanwhile in fairy tale world the BRAVE Prince Charming is riding away from the king who he screwed by not marrying King Midas' daughter.  The daughter catches him, but she's actually cool about things.  She's more sad that the love of her life is still a golden statue thanks to an accident involving King Midas.  Sigh, if there was only some way, some brave hero... Prince Charming is all ...right right I get it tell me what to do.  So he goes off to a pond and a watery tart appears and tries to put the move on Charming.  Doesn't work even when tart goes all Snow White looking.  He kills her and gets the magic water.  Magic water works and true love is in the air.  Inspired by this, the prince goes looking for Snow White again and was last seen with Red Ridinghood on the back of his horse as the are chased by the King's men.

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  1. This makes it sound like a character switched early episode of Eureka...