Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grimm Vs. a Dickfellig? Sure Why Not.

Well the world of the vessen is a secret to us humans so it seems only natural that there are secretive societies within the vessen community.  Seems a bunch of lion type vessen, or lowen, have organized an underground gladitorial show with everything but Yul Bryner.  The vessen at the top seem to know about this but they are ok with it as long as only certain people get taken.  Leo Taymor the lowen decides screw that I'll take who I want.  Captain Renard is like no no no.  And you know something bad will happen to Leo.

Until then the episode is filled with nick detecting the hell out of a fight club for vessen.  At least half the show is him bumping around trying to find it.  He of course enlists Monroe, our wolf, to help.  Monroe unfortunately gets captured.  He tries to help a fellow prisoner hoping his mercy will pay off in mercy like in the story of the lion and the mouse, but it is all a big psych.  But before Monroe becomes a rug Nick comes in and saves the day.

There are some good things in this episode.  There's some action at least.  There are some cute lines: "What kind of meat has…a tattoo?”  But the potential here feels a bit wasted.  Would it have hurt to string along the fight club for a couple of episodes.  It would have made for a good b level villain for Nick to go up against.  It still seems that they aren't working as hard as they could be to sell it.  That's a shame cause I like the show.

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  1. Yeah, the insight into the 'higher echelon' was brief but very intriguing and the fight club could have gone longer. Felt really bad for Monroe!