Sunday, February 19, 2012

Villainy and Blackguards Incorporated #4: Dee

Villains and Blackguards Incorporated (VABI) is an organization found on Earth 32aa which has dedicated itself to protecting the interest of those of differently enabled morality and enhanced humanity. They take care of legal expenses and investments. It has become a very successful organization and is considering spreading to other Earths. In case they do here are some of it's members.

For the most part the big dogs and the mystic types tend to avoid joining VABI. They often either have their own organizations or are beyond material needs. There are of course exceptions like Dee who makes use of VABI's legal services.

Dee is earth 32aa embodiment of God Dionysus.  He got kicked out of Olympus long ago and frankly it didn't bother him one little bit.  As a god (VABI doesn't take any stands on theological issues as long as dues are paid) Dee doesn't need a job or to do crimes.  All his basic needs are met by his very nature.  It is however this godly nature is what gets him into trouble.  He is drawn to areas where alcohol is served and his nature gives everyone around him a "contact high" as it were.  The trouble is that Dee has gotten rather bitter over the centuries and that aura has darkened as well.  There's barely a night that doesn't end in a bar brawl and he has woken up in many a jail.  Mostly it is small damages, but sometimes its a lot more specially if someone with superpowers happens to be drinking as well.  In 2009, there was an altercation with Pug that left five blocks looking like a tornado had blown through.  The police found Dee passed out on top of a church steeple and the Pug with his head wrapped around a car.

Dee later told the judge that they were just having a debate over which baseball team was better.

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