Sunday, June 10, 2012


This is a pretty durn good film.  I had my doubts at first.  It follows the "Found Footage" blueprint which means lots of shaky cam and ugly jump cuts.  Despite that, it turned into what is as close to what an American Akira would look like.

Three teens find a mysterious hole.  They explore it and find a glowy.  They touch the glowy and everything goes shaky and stumply then black.  Cut to some time later and it turns out that the three teens have been gifted with telekinesis.  At first it's only good for small things and You Tube style "funny" videos.  But like working out your muscles they begin to get quickly very scary in what they can do.  The scariest is the quiet one who's under a lot of pressure with a dying mother and abusive father.  Not only is he the strongest, but he begins to get out of control.  They try to take care of this by making up rules, but you can tell where this is going to go.  Eventually it turns into a full scale battle in Seattle with people throwing buses at each other.

This is a great exciting film with many good "Small" scenes as well big budget numbers.  I like the scene where the loner kid first shows how good he is by turning a bunch of legos into the Space Needle.  I also loved the scene where the kids teach themselves how to fly.  Their honest exhileration is just too contageous and soon you are mentally egging them on to fly higher and faster.  Definitely worth a watch.

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