Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well here's a nice change of pace.  This is a zombie apocalypse that tries to be a little different.  The zombies are everywhere and the zombie virus responsible is even worse than usual.  It's air borne so anyone not wearing breathing equipment zombs out fairly quickly.  Well....not everyone.  Some young kids develop and immunity to the virus.  They can be spotted because of bloody slits on their necks.  Even better there is something about these kids so that full fledge zombies won't attack them.  This becomes something of a super power as the military first tries to capture and test the kids and then later try to kill them.  It helps your odds of survival if you can lead the armed men running after you into a zombie ambush.

Our little heroine is one of these special children.  The film goes backwards and forwards telling her tale.  Backwards showing what happened to her mother and her being captured by doctors for testing.  The forward part is her alone trying to survive.  She finds other children like her and together they all go to the sea because that is where her mother will be.  The film itself is mostly desaturated so it looks mostly black and white except for blood.

Over all its a pretty good film that tries just a bit too hard to be arty.  I mean really the whole "Let's use children to show that war really, really sucks" has been played out for years.  Still, it's suspensful and surprising, specially the ending.  I won't give it away save that it invokes a certain "Lovecraftian" perspective.

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