Saturday, June 9, 2012

Raw Meat

This is an odd little film. Long ago some tunnel workers under London were trapped by a blast. The company that had hired them made no attempt to dig them out. They didn't die though. They been living under there on rats and each other for decades, even breeding. Now though there is only one left. He is both a horrible monster and a total innocent. He now attacks people at the tube station dragging them down for a bit of nosh. Meanwhile, in the world above Donald Pleasance plays an eccentric police officer who's interested in the sudden number of missing people. Unfortunately, the rest of the world, including a snotty college student his girlfriend and Christopher Lee as a government hush hush wonk, still don't care. What happens verges on as much tragedy as a film about cannibal can muster. It has very interesting music, nice photography, and definitely if for no other reason should be watched for the "Mod" fashions.
Definitely worth a look.

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