Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Night's Breaking Bad


That was a close one. They didn't shoot Jesse which was a relief. What we got was another step in Gus's new hobby of "Let's drive Walter completely nuckfuts." Walter is running around trying to say Jesse's life and Gus is playing invisible man. The impotent isolation of the whole situation is just the thing that turns uptight Walter into a frothing nerve ball. Well, at least he got to show he wasn't totally impotent as he and his wife Skyler had some good make up sex.

But what about Jesse? Well Mike the cleaner took him for a drive, but not to leave him in a ditch but to be with him as he picked up money from dead drops. Jesse is bored to tears and it turns out that it is Mike's turn to suffer this episode. A bored Jesse is a dangerous, disturbed thing that won't shut up and won't stop smoking. It's like what if a volcano became the Joker. Finally, Mike just has to stop the car and flat out tell him "You ain't the Guy. I had a Guy, but now I don't, and you ain't him."

But the laugh is on him, because Jesse does thwart a robbery near the end with just his driving skills. Wait, though, it was all a set up by Gus. It works though, suddenly Jesse is filled again with life thinking he's the big hero. So, it becomes another dagger to Walter when he comes to work the next day and see the new Jesse Bad Ass. He is smart enough to know that Gus is playing Jesse like a fiddle. Feeling helpless and small he has dinner with Hank and Marie. Probably not a good idea, Walt has enough wine to float his abused ego high so when Hank starts praising the deceased Gale he gives Hank a bit of the truth. Pretending to use his eye as a teacher he tells Hank that the notebook is like that of a clever student. Not the wiley Hisenberg whom Hank had thought dead. Now Hank is on the trial again.

That can't be good.

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