Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Night's Futurama

Well last night was a Fry episode which is a license to be stupid with heart.  Fry's a good person, with maybe two grey cells (or at least off white) to rub together.  After running from pogo jumping robots and the even worse danger of fast food the gang was prepared to settle down to a meal using only good organic (and highly price jacked) products.  Fry suddenly doesn't want to eat something that could hatch into some beautiful life form.  Instead he'll hatch it and THEN eat it.  That plan doesn't work long because as Fry says, "You love something you've been sitting on for a week."  So when it hatches Fry takes the beast and names him Mr. Peppy and tries to raise him as a pet.  Fry  tries hard, but its a casual destruction machine that oozes corrosive secretions from every possible orifice.

Well if he can't keep Mr. Peppy then Fry will release him in the wild.  The problem is the "Wild" is a planet of Scotsmen who hunted the original Bone Vampires to extinction.  When sheep wind up as boneless sheep rugs it looks like Mr. Peppy is going to be killed.  Can Fry do the right thing?  Can Mr. Peppy express his love for Fry without giving him 3rd degree acid burns?  And how many aquariums of beer can Leela drink and still keep her honor intact?  This is a middle of the road episode but still funny.  I like that they keep Fry simple yet pure.  He might not be the rational center of the crew but he's the heart and soul of it.

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  1. I felt the pogo-bots were a dead-on likeness to the Dufflepuds of the Dawn Treader! (book any
    And the 'womanizing' Scot with the Connery Brogue was a terrific add on, especially as it turns out!