Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well the Catholic Church isn't going to like "Priest" too well. Set in an alternate dark future, the story has the world controlled by freaked out catholic church that tries to totally dominate everything to keep the world safe from vampires. In this world, the vampires and the humans have always been fighting to the point of nearly destroying the earth. Only with the creation of Priest class fighters did the humans turn the tide. Now they try to deny the Priests any power. One priest claims that the vampire menance is back, but the Church does not believe him. This leads to him leaving the church and having to fight both vampires and his own brothers.

This is a fairly exciting film. Not earthshattering by any degree but definitely better than that underworld crap. It borrows equally from "Blade" and Italian Westerns. It needs a better script and a bit more details, but it's fairly fun.

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