Thursday, August 25, 2011

Medium Raw

Ok, I could tell you the plot of this film. But really it's unimportant. Here is what IS important. The director has obviously spent WAY too much time play "Arkham Asylum." Basically, what we have here is all the batman villains with no batman. So, down in the depths of this maximum security horror show of a mental health facility we have, for example, a copy of bane. You can even see cables running out the back of his neck like the real Bane.

So you have a bunch of super villain style loonies in a place that would look like a Cenobite's rec room and then everyone gets locked inside including some cops. So as I said you don't really need to know the plot, this is a pretty instinctual thing. Run, run, hide. Oops, get killed. Next.

It has a nice gothic feel. It tries hard to make the characters individuals. Some of the designs are frightening. The Big Bad Wolf suit is very well realized. It just feels more video game than film. More "neat idea," less well realized story. A little too much style, and a little too little substance. Still, it's better than most of the slasher style films so there's that. I shudder to think though what will happen after the director places Arkham City.

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