Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Night's Thundercats

So far the new Thundercats has been a pretty high quality revamp of the original, but it was last night's episode that made me really fall in love with the show. Now, plot wise it wasn't too different. The Cats are on the run from the Lizard army, but they take time out to help a bunch of little leafy people that sort of look like the Whos in the animated "The Grinch that Stole Christmas." They even sung choir.

Now as I said, this isn't a big stretch plotwise on the face of it. It's the standard "Help the person of the week" plot of nearly all action shows. It's the little details though that make it shine. See, these little guys they have little lives. They live a whole life in a day. Lion-o has to live an entire relationship with a friend in a day. From being teacher, to rival, to boon friend, and of course all relationships do end. This episode wasn't afraid to pull on the heart strings. Pull? Hell, it was yanking on them like Tarzan in a vine factory.

You think getting a grown man teary eyed would be enough for a cartoon, but no. They had a great double ending. After helping their leafy friends the cats realize they can't run forever from the Lizards, so the meet them head on. But it looks like they can't win. Suddenly from out of the dark comes a car that would make Bruce Wayne kick a bat. The day is saved and vehicle opens to reveal... Panthro!

Damn this was a good show!

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