Sunday, August 14, 2011

Your Highness

I sincerely believe that "Your Highness" was a flop because of bad timing. If it was released a few months later it would have ridden the wave of "The Game of Thrones" hype. It would have been seen as a good antidote to the ultra serious doings in most fantasy stories. But as it was, it was a sharp poke in an eye to a genre that hasn't really done a film since "Return of the King."

The story is about a lout of a prince. With his older brother being the protector of the realm and an all around paladin, he's allowed himself the luxury of being a womanizing drunkard. We are introduced to him as he's being hanged by the dwarves for sleeping with the king's wife. Luckily no one thought to resize the gallows so the hanging was less than successful.

Things might have gone on that way, but his brother's bride gets kidnapped by a nasty warlock and now together they must quest. It's not an easy partnership. The younger brother is jealous and cowardly. On the other hand he's blessed with a very pragmatic view and has some cunning. Together they defeat monsters and attempt to have their way with wenches along the way.

I enjoyed this film a lot. It had an easy breezy style and humor that was naughty but without being too vulgar. I admit that it sort of falls down in the third act as it has to become serious do the standard things a fantasy film does at that point. Also, I want to kick the fellow that wrote the little description on DVD package as this yahoo claimed it spoofed films like Krull. Sir, I know Krull well, and there was not ONE BIT of Krull spoofry. I wish there was. Other than that loved the film greatly.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it myself and adding a comment or two.