Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well if you've been a fan of horror films at some point you've seen a troma  film.  Generally, my heart goes out to you.  Most troma films are just bad.  They think they are funny bad, but no they are bad, bad, bad, great scott kill it with fire bad.  It is a testament to Lloyd Kaufman's showmanship and the general public's lack of taste that troma still exists.

Upon saying all that, there are rare times where troma's over the top style weirdly works.  It becomes sort of a darkly comic carnival of the grotesque.  "Tromeo and Juliet" certainly comes to mind, and now we have "Poultrygeist."  First off, it's a musical.  Be warned, it's a musical by folks who probably shouldn't sing in the shower much less in public.  Add incredible violence and scatological catastrophies and those with gentler sensiblities are more than excused for missing this.

For those brave souls that stayed they'll find quite the trip as they used to say.  The story is about Arby a young man who loves Wendy.  Wendy, however,  has turned gay in college so Arby does the only troma logical thing, he goes to work as a counter girl at the local American Chicken Bunker.  Unfortunately, the new Chicken Bunker is built on an old native american grave site so of course its cursed.  Soon people are being killed by chickens or turning into chicken zombies after eating the pulsating green fried chicken.  Can Arby and Wendy survive a night of the living dead chickens?

I hate to admit I found this funny, but I'd be lying if I said otherwise.  It was crazy and senseless but certainly never boring.  Certainly there were points where I wished for a little restraint, there are certainly some images I can't unsee.  Overall, though, I enjoyed it's punk sensibility and its good natured perversity.  Watch if you dare!

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  1. Dissing Troma?!? Seriously? Sgt Kabukiman is a classic! And Toxie? Come on, sheer brilliance.
    Poultrygeist did have it's share of over-the-top-ness, but that is what any Troma show is about. Glad you came around and liked this one at least.