Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Night On "Once Upon A Time," And "The Walking Dead."

Well "Once Upon A Time," finally came up with an episode that made me like the show. How could I not like Rumpelstiltskin blowing away a fairy godmother not five minutes into the show? It's obvious now that Rumpel is the real baddie of the show. The evil queen may be the mayor and all but it is Rumpel that brings the style and pizazz. He's very slick in the real world as a "modest" pawn broker. You don't ever quite believe his lies, but you are willing to listen to every word. The whole plot with Cinderella's baby actually pulled some real emotion out of Emma and made for an interesting scene where she tries to convince Cinderella to give up the child. Definitely the show can use a few more episodes like this.

The same could be said for last night's episode of "The Walking Dead." It had some actual good lines of dialog, less random walking, and actually advanced the plot a bit. There are still characters doing stupid things but mostly it was the characters who we naturally expect to do stupid things. Daryl steals the wrong horse, gets thrown and has a crisis in the woods. He comes out so bloodied that he looks like a zombie and gets shot by Andrea the nervous nelly with a gun. Luckily it was just a graze. Glenn is generally the smart one in the group but since he's on a hormonal roller coaster with wanting to get laid again I'll forgive some of the things he said. For some reason the end of the world by zombies has created a high school locker room environment. When a guy is wondering if all the girls are on their period, yeah that's a pretty dumb thing. Good thing at least he kept that theory to himself.

Best line: "We still have 11 condoms." "You see 11 condoms, I see 11 minutes from my life I'm not getting back."


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