Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spy Kids: All the Time In The World

This is the fourth Spy Kids movie and would almost count as a reboot if it weren't for some familiar faces now grown up. In this chapter we have Jessica Alba as super spy and mother. Wanting to concentrate on family she does one more job while just about to give birth to new addition. This leads to some fun watching a super spy with baby mountain beat down on the bad guys. It sets the incredibly silly tone of the movie. There's nothing that can't happen in a Spy Kid's movie and it would fly apart like a bugs bunny cartoon set on blend if it weren't for the emotional core that tethers all the baby fart jokes and weirdo bond style weapons.

That core is mostly in the tension between young rebecca and her stepmom. Of course she doesn't know that her stepmom is a super cool ex spy, what she does feel is that she is trying to take the place of her real mother. This makes Rebecca act out by creating elaborate pranks. Her brother is a lot cooler about the situation but he has his own issues involving his need to wear hearing aids. Both siblings are also having to deal with the new baby which is always a pain.

All this mini angst gets tossed aside when suddenly they are being attacked by goons and mom is brought back into the service. Life suddenly becomes ultra cool, even their mutt turns out to be a talking android dog. They find themselves trying to get away from the Time Keeper who is literally trying to stop all the time in the world. His main goon talks like a helium junkie and has "time" bombs that can freeze you.

This threat is bigger than our family so the old crew comes back. Carman and Juni, though they are having big sibling problems themselves. Can they catch the villain? Can they resolve their issues? Will Dad ever learn that his wife is a spy? Will the talking dog shut up? Watch and see of course.

I liked this film. It doesn't have the weight of "Super 8" but it was never meant to. This was designed to be a light romp and that's what it is, though I will say that at the end they actually did something with the villain to give him real gravitas. All the actors were fine and looked like they were having a hoot. The talking dog was voiced by Ricky Gervais and I betcha there are some choice out takes out there somewhere not fit for children.

This movie though is fit for children, lots of fun, and as Bill Cosby used to say, "If you aren't careful, you might learn something."


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  1. I've just seen the opening bit and it was so ridiculous I had to love it and laugh out loud.