Monday, November 21, 2011

The Walking Dead in a Barn and Other Stupid Human Tricks

Well, "The Walking Dead," is making progress.  Less random wandering, less human stupidity on parade and more meaningful human interactions and plot.  It's far from perfect but it is lurching zombie like to something at least.  The episode starts with addressing one bit of stupidity.  Folks not knowing how to shoot a gun.  Now granted, there are only so many guns and so much ammo.  Also, the zombies are attracted to noise.  That being said, it doesn't take much to teach the basics like what that little safety button does, and how to point and aim a gun.  For example, holding the gun "gangster" style does NOT improve accuracy.

The only logical people to be excluded from learning how to hold a dang pistol are the kids and even there it's a bit iffy.  I learned to use and more importantly RESPECT guns at that age, but I guess it's up to the parents and when your parent is Lori and written as a drama queen yo yo it makes sense that Carl has been kept away from everything short of cap pistols.  That changed this episode but not without more arguing between Rick and Lori.  Sometimes I wonder if Rick ever thinks maybe he should have never left his coma.

Meanwhile, we discover that Glenn is really the very worst liar in the universe.  That's sort of a sweet character trait but it might be dangerous in the post zombie world.  It only took Glenn about three seconds to blurt out to Dale that there are zombies in the barn and Lori has a bun in the oven.  Being a great thinker, Dale goes over to the doctor to try to convince him that zombies in the barn are a bad idea.  This was doomed to failure because we aren't dealing with logic.  Hershel is dealing with his beliefs as a doctor and his guilt/loss of having family members in the barn that he's not willing to let go.   Men of such faith can become very dangerous if their beliefs are attacked.  Dale might have wanted to think that out a bit more.

Speaking of which, Dale might have wanted to think things through before confronting Shane.  If Hershel MIGHT be dangerous, we already know that shane is deep down fugged nuts crazy.  Let's just say that Dale better not find himself in a zombie race with Shane, or for that matter any event where there might be an "unfortunate accident."

Speaking of Shane, he helps teaches Andrea to shoot and they get caught in a zombie stampede.  Well, a zombie walkpede but these are still a bit faster than the first season zombies.   Andrea finds her special place and begins to dirty harry the living dead till they aren't feeling lucky at all.  I guess Shane is turned on by a lady with a gun and so suddenly they are making out like minks.

The big story is that Lori is preggers and she's dithering what to do.  She sends Glenn to get some morning after pills.  It should be noted that Glenn had no problems finding condoms but almost gets eaten by a zombie when searching for the morning after pills.  Message maybe?  Anyway, Rick finds out and he and his wife have a heart to heart.  Lori also mentions that since she wants to be free from secrets that she was sleeping with Shane.  To this Rick just basically says "Yeah, I guessed that and I'm not going to let it bother me."

This makes Rick a jerk in my book.  Maybe I would buy this from another character like Glenn, but this plays to well into Rick's Saint Rick schtick.  I mean yeah there were good reasons  why it happened, but just like with Hershel this isn't about reasons.  This isn't about logic.  Your wife has slept with your best friend and now you are going to have deal with that everyday.  I just don't buy that Rick can take this in without one hurtful word.  Now, Lori is just going to be eaten up with even more guilt over this whole things because Rick forgave her for everything.  I really don't like these two characters and frankly zombies could eat them both and I'd say bloody well done.

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