Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ziegevolks and Hexenbiests and Grimms oh MY!!!

Last night on Grimm they went back to the creature of the week format. You wouldn't think there would be so many magical creatures in Portland. That could become a problem for the series in the future. It's the Kolchak phenomena (named after Carl Kolchak hero of the Night Stalker TV series) where the show starts losing suspension of disbelief with each new creature popping up in a relatively small geographical area. At least Buffy had the excuse of the Hellmouth. Either Nick is going to have to start moving around more, or they are going to have to step up the attempts against Nick's life if they want to keep this zoo growing.

Tonight's creature is called a Ziegevolk, or a bluebeard. I would call it fairly harmless since it doesn't seem to have an urge to kill people, except that its urge (even in the "nice" ones) is serial rape. This particular blue beard is running a bed and breakfast with an emphasis on "bed." He's going nutty for buddy even for his kind and has set up a caged harem in the basement. He gets Nick's attention because he killed a girl that escaped from him. Since Nick could clearly see his true form, the suspense is how Nick can justify what he knows with police procedure. This means a lot of following around snooping about. Nick even brings in pilate wolf to help out.

The only "myth building" part of tonight's show was that another Reaper came into town to cut Nick down. He's shown the door out of town for not knowing who runs the place and an ear short because you don't argue with the person who runs the place. This whole section is more hints than anything since why Nick is being protected is never stated.

Overall an average episode but it keeps the momentum going.

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