Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Real Life Gets More Freaky

Perhaps real life is over stating it, but some things passed over the news hopper that just seemed practically surreal to me.  One that just reached out and banged me on the head was about this drug being produced in Russia.  It's a heroin surrogate that can be made very cheaply in any kitchen and is incredibly addictive.  The bad news and the thing that freaked me out was that the drug has incredibly horrible side effects.  Those using it begin to have their skin become scaly.  Eventually the injection sites become infected and subject to gangrene and soon flesh is falling off the victims to the bones.  The life span of a user is generally under two years.  Drugs are generally considered a slow form of suicide, but I have never heard of such a drug that was so addictive and deadly at the same time.   As someone who sometimes write, I find myself thinking about these poor souls and how they must feel forcing themselves into a quicker and quicker death but unable to stop themselves. 

The more pragmatic part of my soul worries that this easy recipe of death and destruction will eventually come over to America.  Will we soon see rotting people on our streets?  A real world version of "The Walking Dead?"  I pray we won't have to find out.

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  1. If the zombie apocolypse ever happens it'll probably originate from something like this, then evolve.