Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grimm Steps on a Spider

Well this is a better episode than some but still it's just "The Night Stalker" with a funny werewolf character. This time around our Grimm has to deal with spinnetod, aka a black widow. Sort of nice reveal with poison fangs popping out the mouth. Also, nice that the first victim was also one of the supernatural races, called collectively vessen. But, really while it has nice touches it's still "Weird ass monster pops up and Nick has to figure out what to do within the hour."

The show really does need to grow more.

For example, one of the nice things of this episode was when Nick went to put the fear in some beaver people. They've been the ones that have been following him and even some of their kids egged his house. He came to the accord with them of "I won't kill you, and you keep your beaver traps shut from now on." Everyone seemed happy with the deal and I would like more interaction with the vessen. It could turn into a demented version of "Gunsmoke."

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