Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Headed Shark Attack

At the beginning of the DVD there's a little blurb that the studio involved in this fiasco, the Asylum, has made one hundred movies in ten years.  That's quite a number and I think maybe ten of them are good.  Maybe.

"Two Headed Shark Attack" fishes the same shallow waters as "Sharktopus."  Unfortunately while a half shark, half octopus might be fearsome a two headed shark just seems stupid.  It doesn't have the flair and just seems freakish. 

The plot is that a bunch of quasi college students are taking some half assed class that involves going to sea and acting like it is spring break.  Their ship breaks down but there is an isolated island.  They manage to go there and are then menanced one by one by the TWO HEADED SHARK.  Of course the shark is helped by the fact that everyone is an idiot and won't stay out of the water.

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