Monday, April 23, 2012

Dorthy and the Witches of Oz

This is a fairly interesting revamp of the Wizard of Oz.  In this version Dorthy is tricked going into the magical land of New York City.  The Witches are there pretended to book agents who are interested in Dorthy's book.  What they really want is the key that will unlock the book that has the word "Oz" inscribed in it.  Saying that word is like the mega bonus magic word of doing whatever you want.

This is an interesting twist seeing fantastical characters in New York City.  The acting isn't bad and it doesn't hurt to have Christopher Lloyd, Lance Henriksen, and Jeffrey Combs in your cast.  Some of the costumes and effects are a bit dodgey but I have to say the flying monkey was freaking me out.  Great wings there.  Overall an entertaining show though I will take umbrage of a character from Baum's work quoting "Jabberwocky."  Let's not confuse things too much people.

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