Monday, April 30, 2012

Things Got Seriously Weird On "Once Upon A Time."

Now remember this is the show that says that Dwarfs are hatched fully grown from eggs, so when I say weird, I mean it.  Now for the past couple of episodes we've had the brooding, mysterious writer on a motorcycle who is doing weird things like adding stories to Henry's book.  Last episode they made a feint and hinted that he was Rumpie's son but that turned out to be untrue.

So who is our august August?  Turns out he's Pinocchio all grown up.  Yes, Pinocchio.  He's slowly turning to wood and if he can't get Emma to get off her lovely butt and destroy the Curse he'll make a fine statue somewhere. 

So, we have a fellow who looks like this...

Who once looked like this...

I guess that means there's hopes for all of us nerds.

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  1. Still not watching it, but enjoy reading about it here.