Saturday, April 14, 2012

Villainy and Blackguards Incorporated #34: Johnny Bison

Villains and Blackguards Incorporated (VABI) is an organization found on Earth 32aa which has dedicated itself to protecting the interest of those of differently enabled morality and enhanced humanity. They take care of legal expenses and investments. It has become a very successful organization and is considering spreading to other Earths. In case they do here are some of it's members.

We at VABI are sad to announce the death of John Merriwetyr Stein better known in our community as Johnny Bison. Active in the scene since 1945 he has been a foe to many of the most respected superheroes of Earth 32aa. His ability to grow and gain strength served him well and he had many successful robberies.

What most people don't know is that John Stein was a committed family man. Married to Lola Mae Gladstein for over fifty years until she died of heart troubles. Together they raised three boys and two girls and now there are over twenty nine grand children.

Johnny Bison (who's own aging was slowed by the energies that filled him) thought he'd die in combat. It's sadly ironic that he was instead accidently run over by an ambulance at a moment he had his powers off. After a three day battle in the hospital he finally passed on at 3:23 this morning.

Services will be held at St. Vincent's Church in Queens.

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