Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nazis at the Center of the Earth

We've talked about the Asylum before. A company bucking for both the consistently worse film company today and the film company that most consistently considers its viewers to be morons.  Both of these honors are combined in their strategy of "mockbusters" where they make a rip off of a film and release it direct to DVD while the film is still playing so some grandma gets confused and thinks "The Transmorphers" is "The Transformer." 

Basically, they are professional ass holes.

Every now and then though every doggy has its day.  Now I'm not saying "Nazis at the Center of the Earth," is a good film.  Please, this is the Asylum.  It is herky jerky with film production values that would shame a porno set.  What this film is, is fairly audacious and interesting.  That goes along way when you are picking through the bone yard of bad films.

First off we have Jake Busey, the heir to Busey line of bug eyed, buck teeth craziness.  He's a little restrained here, but it actually works for him here.  The Nazis are good villains here, living under the ice of Antartica.  They've been doing a lot of body swapping surgery so they look like frankenstein/zombie/nazis and that's only to the good.  Things get good and crazy when super Hitler Head in a Jar (which should be trademarked) pops out and starts doing speeches and ripping people in two with his retro robot body.  Oh, and then there is the nazi saucer that pops up in the last act.

Best line of the show:
Air Control:  "Are they hostile?"
Pilot:  It's covered in swastikas, so I'd say they're hostile!"
Anyway, if you are willing to put up with some nonsense and a bit of a slow early pace, you will be rewarded by some massive weirdness.  That's about the best you can hope for here so enjoy it if you can.  No doubt the Asylum already has "The Revengers" ready to go into the red box on May 4th.

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  1. Love it when you get so enthused over a bad film! Enthused that it is a bad film from a bad company and you're going to watch it anyway!