Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hell's Labyrinth AKA Carnivorous

Right when you have to change the name of your film there is most likely something very wrong. Ask the former head of Disney who had to step down after "Princess of Mars/John Carter of Mars/John Carter" bombed like Woody Allen in a Saudi Stand Up Club. The main problem of the film is easy to see, way to easy to see. The effects are bad and everywhere. The bad CGI is impossible to ignore because they made the decision to basically throw the actors against a green screen for EVERYTHING. The actors seem to float a bit and seem to be hardly a part of the background. It reminds me of those scenes in "Land of the Lost" (the TV show) when the main characters had to cross the plaza to go to the sleestax.

The plot has a bunch of people, some of whom confess to not being very nice, captured by "The Servant." They then find themselves in a poorly lit labyrinth filled with nasty growley giant rock dog demons. Let the hunt begin. Their own hope is an old timey survivor who's channeling his best Bruce Campbell. His stability though is questionable to say the least. Jello might be more stable. Oh, and they have to worry about traps. It's like a D&D game gone horribly horribly CGI.

Once you get into the middle and realize it's not going to get any better, it's not so bad. Some of the traps were interesting, and there was the question of whether they were still living or not. The crazy guy added a needed light moment in what would otherwise be a dismal affair. So if you like horror or fantasy it might be worth a look if you have a freebie rental or if its on SyFy and it will be on SyFy. It's just a matter of time.

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