Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End of the Second Season of "Game Of Thrones."

Gee doesn't feel like ten weeks have passed  by, but they have and we can now close the book on the second season.  In some ways it was a bit more inconsistent than the first season, no doubt because it had to cover so many story lines.  The worst fault I can say about the second season was it stretched some of the storylines too long.  I can understand wanting the House of the Undying to be in the last episode but to get there there were a lot scenes of daenerys targaryen walking in the wilderness.  A lot of scenes.  That section of the show could have been retitled "The Walking Daenerys" but AMC might take umbrage.

The thing I found fascinating is that after being so very faithful to the books in the first season, the producers decided to definitely go off the reservation for the second.  Whole characters and scenes are removed and a lot of the story elements were rearranged. The amazing thing is that it worked.  I didn't hear too many fans of the book complain despite all the changes.  What resulted was something that was faithful to the spirit of the books but could still surprise the reader and not lose those who never have touched a copy.  Bravo!

Finally, the last scene of this season certainly promises that next season is going to get even more brutal.  The White Walkers are finally making their move.  So, here's a clip of that final scene, and some musical interludes to help us work through the shock of not having to watch Game of Thrones till next spring.

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