Saturday, August 25, 2012

Comic Books That Need To Be Made Into Movies: Suicide Squad

It there is one problem (only one??) with living in a comic book universe is that heroes eventually rack up an impressive collection of C and D list villains. Hey, not everyone can be the Joker and some poor schmoe had to be the Kite Man (...really Kite Man... that's just so lame. That's looking out the window and working with the first thing you see. I'm surprised that issue didn't have the terrifying Paper Weighter!) Anyhooo, the question is what do you do with a prison full of costumed loonies. Oh sure, they are mostly as dangerous as a water pistol, but then anyone can have a good day and no one wants to be killed by Crazy Quilt.

So eventually the Suicide Squad was born.  In concept it's simple the government needs a squad of disposable assets for those "sensitive" problems that require a permanent solution.  The villains are promised time served if they survive and keep their mouth shut.  There's a core group that keeps the whole crazy thing in motion and a revolving door of supervillains who either are going to buy the dirt farm or get out for another day of beer and pizza.  It was always fun to weigh the odds on the survivability of these  idiots.  Sometimes you knew nothing short of an a bomb was going to get them like when a biggie like the Penguin pops in for a caper.  On the other hand, someone like the Kite Man... well I wouldn't be buying long term mutual bonds if I were him.

Anyway, it would be great as a TV show as sort of a back door look at the DC universe.  It would have many of the advantages of the Justice League without, you know, the Justice League.  It would present a huge crazy universe where talking apes and new gods hang out, sometimes at the local bar.  Because these are mostly low level losers the writers hands would be free to tell any story and practically anyone can die at any time.  Besides, a suicide squad movie or TV show would have Captain Boomerang who is one of my favorite losers.  Loud, brash, and never knowing when to shut up he's a walking stereotype of both Australians and criminals.

Anyhoo,  that's just my two cents. 

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  1. Sounds like a good plan, but are TV audiences ready to support such a fun/tongue in cheek action show? The Tick had many of these elements, but failed both as cartoon and live action, which is pretty unbelievable to ME, but...goes to show the moron mentality of the viewing audience!