Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Portal

I now dread seeing a flaming horse running in the night. That is the logo of Maverick Entertainment and they are for all practical purposes the dregs of the industry. They are the guys that will buy the films the Asylum won't touch. Still, every dog has its day and "The Portal" is at least a false dawn.

It's not a good movie but it is certainly heads and shoulders above Maverick's usual fair. There's definitely a sense of ambition you don't usually see. Even the casting is better going from E and D list to at least folks you might have heard of like Roddy Piper, Stacy Keach and Michael Madsen. Each do their little bit of scene chewing and certainly help keeps up interest.

The plot is folks fear that there's a new Ebola type virus going around. It's certainly a rather nasty thing since people generally die with their heads blowing off. Well it shouldn't surprise folks that it's not a disease. Rather, folks have been finding the Portal (in this case a picture) and looking at it. Howard would tell you that's a bad thing. At first though it's nice, it's like drug high nice. Unfortunately, something comes through the portal and comes after you and then you are bleeding all over and your head explodes. Can Stacy Keach tell our young doctors how to avoid intent head aches? Well you'd have to watch to find out. If you are a horror fan there are some interesting things here and some atmosphere so it isn't a total waste.

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