Monday, August 20, 2012

On Legit Raping

Ok, if one actually looks at the interview it's clear what he was intending to say. He was trying to get across the concept that pregnacy in cases of rape is a lot less common than most people might realize. Unfortunately for him language was not on his side. What was he going to say, "Well in cases of REAL rape," or "Most claims of pregnancy from rape did not actually come from rape." He was a done bird before he opened his mouth.

My problem with it, is whatever the science is no one has claimed it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone being raped to become pregnant because no one is that big of a horse's ass. Once you admit it's possible then you have to ask the question of are we going to give women more grief after the trauma of rape by putting them through some sort of third degree to prove they were in fact raped? I think most people know the answer to that one in their hearts.


  1. ???? No, that's not what he said. He SPECIFICALLY asserted that scientists say that if a woman is raped, the female body has ways to shut the pregnancy down.

    There is absolutely NO SCIENCE to support this assertion, but it's a common lie spread by far-right religious types.

    By implication, if a woman becomes pregnant, she wasn't "really" (legitimately) raped. That is, essentially, what he said.

    Therefore, some teenager, maybe my daughter or yours, should be forced, by the laws passed by rich old men, to carry the product of the so-called 'loving union' (by say a boss, uncle, or friend of the family) to term.

    And someone would (in any way) try to justify what he said?

    The only people that should be involved in the decision to end a rape-related, or any, pregnancy, is the pregnant woman, her doctor, and God. God, not man, should punish her, if it is a sin.

  2. Aaron I agree with you on the scientific value of what he was saying, and oddly enough I understand he's on the panel in charge of science. What I was trying to do was to get above that, and point out the larger issue. Thank you though I appreciate the passion of your comment.