Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cartoon Network Top 20 For Its 20 Years #20: Dexter's Laboratory

So the Cartoon Network is 20 years old now. It makes me feel old, but it also makes me happy. Few networks have shown so much quality entertainment. Oh there's been some problems with mission creep as they show more and more live action shows, and not every year is great. Overall it's been quite a trip and why not celebrate it?

Dexter's Laboratory was one of the Cartoon Network's early hits and it hearkens back to even older cartoon traditions. Working along the trope of constant rivalries, there is not much difference in the action between a Dexter's Laboratory episode and say an old Tom & Jerry cartoon. The big difference is, of course, that Dexter and Dee Dee are sisters which creates complications not found in Tom & Jerry. If nothing else Dexter might think it, but he'd never do anything TOO awful to his sister. As far as Dee Dee is concerned she mostly means no harms but her combination of innocence, and desire to pester causes all sorts of mayhem. The results were incredibly funny and one never got tired of their antics.
As a bonus Dexter spawned two incredibly funny independent shorts. The ever loveable "Justice Friends"....

...and "Dial M For Monkey!

and no one can forget the little musical interlude with Paul Williams. The short guy in Smokey and the Bandit if you need reminding.

So a big thank you to Genndy Tartakovsky and the Cartoon Network for many a mispent, fun filled half hour.

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  1. I'd personally rank Dexter in the top five...