Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming Soon New Town

I've enjoyed the VABI series and will continue it, but there will be a new companion to it involving the strange denizens of New Town.  New Town is found on Earth 48aB and is a recent development there.  A few years back a scientist accidently detonated a small chunk of reality.  He was able to keep that universe from quantumly deflating like a balloon but there was a cost.  Many people were changed and given powers by the events.  Other peoples seem to have spontaneously come into the world some believing they came from another world and others with no memories other than their first steps after the detonation.  These New People filled the general populance with misgiving so the scientist, now gifted himself with great powers, built New Town as a place of sanctuary.  It hasn't always worked, but it has become home to these New People.

I hope you dear readers will enjoy this up coming series.

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