Thursday, January 17, 2013


Branded is one of the most seriously weird films I've ever seen.  One half a Michael Moore-ish diatribe against advertising and one half a bit of religious mania all of which set in Moscow.  Our hero is a self made millionaire in advertising, except that he isn't.  He's heavily bankrolled by powers above him.  He can't help but be jaundiced and cynical and see advertising for what it is, mind control.

Things change when some of those power above decide to use him to change the perception of all of Russia.  They don't care a damn that it's going to destroy his career and life.  Years later in practical exile our hero has a vision.  After following the vision he can now actually see advertising ON people like squirmy, wormy, balloony tumors.  He thinks it is slowly killing us all so he begins a plan to fight back.

The film is truly never boring.  The ideas are certainly interesting.  Sometimes though it has a tough time holding all its different parts together cohesively.  Still, I'll take a film like this over some film with a "4" in the title any day.

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