Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There's a bug out there...

Millenium Bug is definitely what we would call "old school" horror.  It harkens definitely back to the days of  the eighties of blantant gore and practical effects.  This isn't such a bad thing, but the trouble with geek labors of love is there is often as not no over all control.  The film feels bloated as it tries to cram all its cake into its cheek like a bulemic chipmouse.

The plot is simple, back in 1999 a family is escaping into the country to avoid the Y2K doomsday.  Tough luck that they camp in inbred, redneck, hillbilly land (just a question if someone is inbred, can there be someone who is "outbred?"  just asking...)  Anyway,  they try to grab up all the women for marrying and honeymooning cause their own kin just pumps out mutant assholes (my new band name!)  At the same time a crazed zoologist is tracking some big ass bug that only pops up once every thousand years.  Ta da, said bug is nasty and the size of a two story house.  So now it's a normal people, hillbilly, and bug triangle death match.  Hooray!

Like any really good horror flick anyone can die at any time.  It's best to lay your bets in early folks!  The special effects are old but good.  The acting is um... well.. energetic.... yeah that's it.  Anyway, it seldoms bores.  My only problem is it is a little too much fan service. 

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